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The following presentation is adapted from conversational dialogues with Lancelot Link for stochastic measurement errors in the physical sciences.  



To calculate the error range for uncorrelated and random errors, use Gauss’s equations for normal distribution of errors. Using the Gauss equations, gives a 68% confidence interval the measurement error is within this range.

Here are some basic derivatives from the Gauss equations:


\(\small \text{If Q is a combination of sums and/or differences, then the sigma (error) of Q is equal to } \\ \sigma Q = \sqrt{(\sigma a)^2 + (\sigma b)^2 . . . + (\sigma x)^2 . . . } \\ \text{If } Q = b^2 \text{ then } \sigma Q = 2(\sigma (b)) \text{ where } \sigma (b) \text{ is the error of (b)}\\ \text{If } Q = \sqrt{(b)} \text{ then }\sigma Q = \frac{1}{2} (\sigma (b)) \text{ where } \sigma (b) \text{ is the error of (b)}\\ \text{Note how the exponent becomes the multiplier of the error.}\\ \small \text {For this equation, the easiest method is to calculate each error as a }\\ \small \text {decimal and then use the sum of the decimals to calculate the error range. }\\ \text {Uncertainties (In decimal) for a, b, and c. }\\ a_1 = \frac{0.1}{1.3} = 0.0769\\ b_1 = (2)\frac{0.2}{2.8} = 0.1428\\ c_1 = (0.5)\frac{0.1}{0.8} = 0.0625\\ Q= \frac{1.3 \times (2.8)^2}{\sqrt {0.8}} = 11.4 \pm ((0.0769 + 0.1428+ 0.0625) * (11.4))\\ Q= 11.4 \pm 3.2 \\ \small \text { note: pay attention to significant figures when recording the final error range. }\\ \\\)


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GingerAle Jan 6, 2018

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