an airbus A320 aircraft is cruising at an altitude of 10000 m.the aircraft is flying in a straight line away from Monica, who is standing on a ground. Monica observes that the angle of elevation of the aircraft changes from 70 deg. to 33 deg. in one minute. what is the cruising speed of the aircraft, to the nearest kilometer per hour?
Guest Mar 23, 2017

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First find the distance the aircraft goes in 1 min.

I assume that the altitude is always 10000m

Distance it goes in 1 minute

\(=\dfrac{10000}{\tan 33}-\dfrac{10000}{\tan 70}\\ \approx11759 m\\ =11.759 km\)

The distance it goes in an hour = 705.536 kilometers.

Therefore the speed of the aircraft = 706 km/h.



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