A runner whose initial speed is 29km/h increases her speed to 31km/h in order to win a race. If the runner takes 5.0s to complete this increase in her speed, what is her accelration

jordanh  Oct 25, 2017

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Average velocity = \(a\) =\(\frac{{x}_{f} - {x}_{i}} {{t}_{f} - {t}_{i}}\)


\({x}_{f}\)= Final position

\({x}_{i}\)= Initial position

\({t}_{f}\)= Final time

\({t}_{i}\)= Initial time


Acceleration = \(\frac{Velocity}{Time}\)


That is what I can do for sure, but I am not able to solve that right now. Maybe you can figure the answer out yourself with these formulas?

Mr.Owl  Oct 25, 2017

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