the indefinite integral form of ((-1+y)/(2 sqrt(y)))^2 


is   (-1+y)²         1

 ∫ ———   dy= — ((y-4) Y+2 log (y)) 

     4y               8


am I correct? I apologize for the deformed nature of my equation. it's difficult for me to type math on my computer.

TheMathGuy  Mar 3, 2017

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Yes that is correct except you forgot the +c



This is how I would enter it



now open up the LaTex button on the ribbon and paste it in :)





this might seem a bit complicated to start with if you do not know any LaTex but this forum is a great place for you to learn.

fractions are easy and very handy, so to write 2/3 as a fraction it is just


and now I will past this into the  LaTex box


Melody  Mar 3, 2017

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