So my math problem is that I am going camping and there is me and 2 other friends, and a bag of milk is about 4L's and I need 1500L's. How much milk do I need?

Brooklyn.Beckham  Apr 18, 2017
edited by Brooklyn.Beckham  Apr 18, 2017

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A store sells baskets of apples that contain 5 apples per basket.

If I want to buy 10 apples, how many baskets do I need to buy?


I need to buy 10 / 5 = 2 baskets.




A store sells bags of milk that contain 4 L's per bag.

If I want to buy 1500 L's, how many bags do I need to buy?


I need to buy 1500 / 4 = 375 bags.      smiley

hectictar  Apr 18, 2017

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