what is The solution of the equation (x+3)^2=7

Guest Jul 12, 2017

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To solve for x, you must use the square root and remember to split the answers into 2:

\((x+3)^2=7\)Take the square root of both sides
\(x+3=\sqrt{7}\)However, remember that the absolute value equation splits your answer into the negative and positive answer
\(x+3=\pm\sqrt{7}\)Subtract 3 on both sides
\(x\approx-0.35425\hspace{1mm}\text{and}\hspace{1mm}x\approx-5.64575\)Here are your answers rounded, but you want to keep your answer as it is above because that is the exact value.
TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 12, 2017
edited by TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 12, 2017

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