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Select Parameter or Statistic to classify each statement.


85% of the golf teams surveyed have teammates that can break 80. (I chose parameter)

According to the survey, each member of the soccer team has an average of 2 jerseys. (I chose parameter)

Of the 28 swim teams surveyed across America, 5 of them practice 10 hours a week. (I chose statistic)

Basketball teams in the district have won at least 3 games for every 5 they have played. (I chose statistic)




 Apr 29, 2019

A parameter is derived using the entire population

A statistic is derived from a subset of the population


a) uses 85% of the population, it's a statistic


b) uses the entire population, it's a parameter


c) only uses 28 swim teams out of however many there are across America.  It's a statistic


d) uses the whole population (for the district anyway), it's a parameter

 Apr 29, 2019

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