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(1) The average commute times for employees of a large company is 23 minutes.

The commute time of 12 employees are

25, 33, 26, 29, 17, 29, 42, 19, 15, 52, 11, and 14.


Enter the sample mean and the population mean.


x¯ = 26 min


μ =  23 min



Im almost positive that x is write but wanted to may sure for the other one


Thank You!!



Select Yes or No to state whether each data set is likely to be normally distributed.


Data set: 

(a) average age of an elephant at a zoo no/Yes

(b) number of elephants at the San Diego Zoo No/yes

(c) number of daily visitors at the San Diego Zoo No/yes


Bold are answers.



Select Not independent or Independent for each situation.



(a) A desk caddy contains 3 pens and 8 pencils. Two writing instruments are selected from the desk caddy without replacement. Not Indepedent

(b) Three number cubes are rolled twice. Independent

(c) Three people are running for office. The two people with the most votes are elected president and vice president, respectively. IDK

 May 18, 2019
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