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Over a 24-hour period, the tide in a harbor can be modeled by one period of a sinusoidal function. The tide measures 4.35 ft at midnight, rises to a high of 8.3 ft, falls to a low of 0.4 ft, and then rises to 4.35 ft by the next midnight.


What is the equation for the sine function f(x), where x represents time in hours since the beginning of the 24-hour period, that models the situation?

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My answer: 3.95sin(pix/12)+4.35

 Feb 12, 2019

This has been answered before:


Amplitude    Max   8.3 ft    min  0.4       means amplitude = 7.9/2 = 3.95    check

Shited up to midline 4.35      check

Period = 24    2pi/24 = 1/12   pi      check

sine wave


Looks good to me   cheeky

 Feb 12, 2019

thanks mate

Love2Read  Feb 12, 2019

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