The three-digit integer $63\(\underline{\hphantom{0}}\)$ is a multiple of 3. What is the greatest possible difference between two of the possibilities for the units digit?


I am confused on the formatting of the question

 Mar 31, 2020
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You have not responded to your last questions yet!


Why are you posting more?

You said only 15 minutes prior that you were going to have a break from posting questions.


People are getting tired of your behaviour!


If you want to repost (not right now) then you must admit that is what you are doing.

Do not re-enter the question, just say you still want help and give the link to the original question (like Cal did for you last time)

Thanks Cal.

 Mar 31, 2020

I mean show evidence that you are learning something.

Ask questions about their responses.

You are not meant to be just taking the answer or just copying the working.

You are meant to be learning!

Say 'thank you'. Or say you do not think it is correct because [fill in the blanks]


But also ask things like :

"how did you get from line 2 to line three"

"I don't quite understand this bit .... could you please explain more?"

Melody  Mar 31, 2020

It means that you need to find the ones digit to find the greatest possible difference.


So, you need to find the smallest possible ones digit and the biggest possible.

 Mar 31, 2020

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