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How many different planes pass through at least 3 vertices of a prism with regular pentagon bases?

 May 13, 2019

I counted  42  different planes.

Also, since for example, the plane that goes through ABC also goes through the points  E  and  D, I called that plane ABCDE.

I named each plane by each vertex on the prism that it contains.



*edit* This could be wrong! I am not totally sure about it.

 May 13, 2019
edited by hectictar  May 13, 2019

Hi Hectictar,

this answer is right, thanks so much for your help! 

sudsw12  May 13, 2019

AHH Really? surprisesurprisesurprise Yay!!! laughlaughlaugh

hectictar  May 14, 2019

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