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I need some help quick!!




ABCDEFGH is an equiangular octagon (that is, an octagon with eight equal interior angles). We know that AB=EF=1,\(BC=FG=\sqrt 2\)  and CD=GH=2.  What is the area of the octagon?

image can be found here if not viewable underneath: https://latex.artofproblemsolving.com/7/d/f/7dfd449ec793cc587c74d470e1e028557e6e80f3.png

 May 13, 2019
edited by sudsw12  May 13, 2019

Think trike this: this is a rectangle minus 4 right triangles right? I won’t give you the full solution because I believe this is from AoPS, and you won’t learn.(middle school math, academy)

 Jun 11, 2019
edited by Guest  Jun 11, 2019

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