Good morning people of Web 2.0

 Jan 4, 2019

Good Morning Synth. How are ya?

 Jan 4, 2019

Pretty good, the mods made my post from yesterday invisible

 Jan 4, 2019

It’s too bad the Mods can’t make you invisible. 


In response to your complaint that the moderators chose to delete an anonymous post, lamenting about homework and feeling suicidal, instead of helping the situation


I think they are helping the situation. The Moderators are skilled mathematicians, not trained psychologists.  They are not obliged to help with psychological issues and neither should they

–especially for lamentations that express suicidal ideations. Hiding such posts does help the forum, because shared suicidal ideations may be contagious –especially in young persons.  


This may be the only public math forum on the net that allows social posting. Andre Mossow created and implemented the “off-topic” label and filter for this purpose.  When used, readers of this forum can filter out the social posts and focus on the math posts or the vice versa. 


Some of the forum’s social posts are wondrous examples of coming-of-age social interaction, and a few have anecdotes of life with amazing narrative commentaries. And, of course, there are hilarious troll posts relating to math and social commentary.


In contrast to those wondrous examples are the many social posts that fit in the category of mind-numbing drivel –often posted as hyper-emotional teenage angst. This mind-numbing drivel, requires purging to de-clutter (and sanitize) the forum. This was known in the old-days as much ado about nothing!  Now it’s known as piss-and-moan about everything!


 Most of your posts fit in the mind-numbing drivel category. You rarely post anything beyond mumbling idiocy; others add their own mumbling idiocy to your posts, creating a cauldron of synthetic offal that you slowly heat with your slow burn about being maligned and dissed. You are attempting to breed contempt toward the moderators, and Melody in particular. 


Your attempt at contempt is contemptible in reason and application. Your communication skills consummately suck in your single phrases of mumble and murmur about being dissed for posting sewage and slop. 


Have you noticed that those who post on the thread never agree with you? At best, they only sympathize –a little.  If Melody bit your head off, half the forum would applaud. The other half would if they were aware. None would applaud as loud as me, except for the other troll on here who was the first to define you as a synthetic floater that won’t flush


On this forum, you have an amazing opportunity to learn mathematics, yet, you’ve never asked a single math question.   You should avail yourself of this opportunity.   Of course, it is easier just to piss-and-moan about everythingindecision



 Jan 5, 2019
edited by GingerAle  Jan 5, 2019

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