1. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/images/questions/question17660.png

2. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/images/questions/question15499.png

3. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/images/questions/question15903.png

4. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/images/questions/question17727.png

5. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/images/questions/question583.png

6. https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/images/questions/question593.png


Plz help me on these, put the anwsers in the same order of the links plz by the way im only in year 7 so dont blame me

 Feb 25, 2020
edited by TacoBell  Feb 27, 2020
edited by TacoBell  Feb 27, 2020

1    put in  -2   where you see 'X'  and calculate the answer


I looked at a couple of the others.....they are pretty basic....have you TRIED to answer any of them?   This forum is not here to do your homework!

 Feb 25, 2020

Im only in year 7 

 Feb 27, 2020
edited by TacoBell  Feb 29, 2020


You still have not thanked Electric Pavlov for his time.   

Plus you punished him by taking a point from him,  Why would he ever bother to help you again?


And you still have not stated simply that you do not understand or asked him to further explain his answer.


There is a stack of questions here. ElectricPavlov was not out of line by asking you if you had attempted them on your own.

In your defense, he could have avoided saying they are simple.

Obviously something is not simple for someone if they do not know how to do it.


It would be beneficial to you if you come back here and make another more appropriate response post.

And remove your down votes.   I will be watching.

Melody  Feb 29, 2020
edited by Melody  Feb 29, 2020
edited by Melody  Feb 29, 2020

Ok Taco, 

At least you gave EP back the point that you had deducted of him.

I was hoping for more from you but I will let this one rest now.

Melody  Mar 1, 2020

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