The ages of the 27 students signed up for the community center's Spanish I class are given below. In the stem and leaf plot shown, $3|2$ represents 32 years old. For this data, the mean is $x$ years, the median is $y$ years, and the mode is $z$ years. What is the value of $x(y - z)?

 Apr 3, 2020

What you have are these numbers:  19, 19, 20, 20, 21, 21, ... 45, 48    [Wrtie down all of these.]


To find the mean, x, add all these numbers and divide by 27.

To find the median, y, find the number that is the middle number.

Fo find the mode, z, find which number is written the most often.


Place these numbers in the formula:  x(y - z).

 Apr 3, 2020

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