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Given f(x)=x^2-6x+8 and g(x)=x-2, solve f(x)=g9x) using a table of values. show your work

 Mar 10, 2019

Set the two functions equal to each other (this is what the questions asks) ...and then solve for 'x'

     Then, plug this value of 'x' back in to one of the equations to find the 'y' value.....


Here is the start.....

x^2-6x+8 = x -2    subtract x from both sides of the equation

x^2 -7x +8 = -2     add 2 to both sides

x^2-7x +10 = 0     Now.....factor ....or use quadratic formula to find the x value(s)

(x-5)(x-2) = 0           You SHOULD be able to find the x values and the coreresponding 'y' values from here....at LEAST ..try !  cheeky




OR:   see:


 Mar 10, 2019
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