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Mr. Reader has six different Spiderman comic books, five different Archie comic books and four different Garfield comic books. When stacked, all of the Spiderman comic books are grouped together, all of the Archie comic books are grouped together and all of the Garfield comic books are grouped together. In how many different orders can these 15 comic books be stacked in a pile with the covers facing up and all of them facing the same direction? Express your answer as a whole number.

 Oct 19, 2018

We can arrange the Spiderman comics in 6! ways. the Archie comic books in 5! ways and the Garfield comic books in 4! ways


And we can arrange these groupings in 3!  ways




( 6! * 5! * 4! ) * 3!   =   12,441,600 different orders   !!!



cool cool cool

 Oct 19, 2018

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