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A company makes a profit of $50 per software program and $35 per video game. The company can produce at most 200 software programs and at most 300 video games per week. Total production cannot exceed 425 items per week. How many items of each kind should be produced per week in order to maximize the profit?

Use linear programming to solve. Show all your work.

 Sep 27, 2018

Let x be the number of  software programs to be produced and y  be the number of  video games to be produced


We have this system of constraints


x ≤ 200

y≤ 300

x + y ≤ 425


And we wish to maximize this objective function


50x  + 35y


Look at the graph of the constraints, here : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/bbbhypnku7


The possible values  of (x , y)  occur at the corner points of the feasible  region , namely at (125, 300)  or ( 200, 225)


Plugging these into the objective function, we get


50(125) + 35(300)  =   $16,750

50(200) + 35(225)  =  $17,875


Then....200 software programs should be produced and  225 video games should be produced



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 Sep 27, 2018
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 Sep 28, 2018

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