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The square quilt block shown is used in a larger quilt. The four small squares in the block are congruent, and the four small vertical rectangles in the block that are not squares are also congruent. The total area of the shaded regions is what fraction of the total area of the block? Express your answer as a common fraction.

 Feb 22, 2019

Let each square be divided into 4 equal parts....so we have 4 squares * 4 parts each = 16 total parts


In the top left square, using symmetry,  1 of the 4 parts is shaded

And the same for the bottom right square


And for the top right square,  2  of the 4 parts are shaded

And the same for the bottom left square


So...the shaded portion is


[ 1 + 1 + 2 + 2]  / 16 =


6 /16 =


3 / 8



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 Feb 22, 2019

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