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 Sep 12, 2018

Hi Quality street.

You need to learn to post your pictures properly or your whol post will not display.

I did this one to show you and to check that your links work.

But you will need to repost the others yourself. 


Here is what you have to do.

*  Copy the address of you picture and have it stored on your clipboard.

* click on the [image] button in the ribbon so that it opens.

* Paste the address in like this.   AND press [enter] on your keyboard.

* lastly press ok.


Now your pic is in and you can continue with your post.  You should be able to use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to get the curser past it if you need to.


Try it yourself, it should work ok, it'll get really easy very soon. If you have problems you can ask.




Here is you picture.



 Sep 12, 2018

Lets think about an answer now..


The total area of the boxes is 4*3 + 2*8 + 2*11 + 1*23 + 1*19 + 4*2 = 12+16+22+23+19+8 =  100

So each little box represents 10 mice.


There are 12 squares in the less than 10g region


So 120 of the mice had a birth weight of under 10g

 Sep 13, 2018

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