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I need help on this question (due tomorrow)

 Feb 6, 2019

It would be easier for me if you had typed the question in.

I just say this for your future reference.


\(x^2+y^2=50 \qquad \text{Tangent at (1,7)} \)



\(x^2+y^2=50\\ \text{top semicircle}\\ y=(50-x^2)^{0.5}\\ \frac{dy}{dx}=0.5(50-x^2)^{-0.5}*-2x\\ \frac{dy}{dx}=-x(50-x^2)^{-0.5}\\ \text{when x=1}\\ \frac{dy}{dx}=\frac{-1}{7}\\ \)


The gradient of the line is -1/7  and it passses through  (1,7)

After checking what i have already done, you can:

1) find the equation of the line.

2) Find the x and y intercepts

2) determine the area of the triangle.


If you do not understand something then you can ask.


I RESPECTFULLY REQUEST that no one else jumps in and finishes this.  

It is Homework and the asker will learn more if they have to do some of it themself.

 Feb 6, 2019

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