Let ABC be a triangle. We construct squares ABST and ACUV with centers Osub1 and Osub2, respectively, as shown. Let M be the midpoint of line BC.



(a) Prove that line BV and line CT are equal in length and perpendicular.


(b) Prove that line Osub1 M and line Osub2 M are equal in length and perpendicular.




Here's  (a)


Draw BV  and TC


In triangles TAC and BAV,  TA  = BA, AC  = AV

Angle TAB  = angle VAC  and angle BAC  = angle BAC

So....angle TAB  + angle BAC  = angle VAC  + angle BAC

So...angle TAC  = angle VAB


So by SAS, triangle TAC  is congruent to triangle BAV


So  TC  = BV



Now.....call the intersection of  BV and TC, N

And call the intersection of  AC and BV, O


Note that  angle TCA  = angle BVA

And angle AOV  = angle NOC

So.....by AA similarity, triangle AOV  is similar to triangle NOC


But angle OAV  is right.....so...angle ONC  is also right.....

Thus.....TC  is perpendicular to BV



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