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A company is producing a candy bar with an average weight of 58 grams and a standard deviation of 2 grams. To pass inspection and be boxed to sell, the company has stated that the weight of an individual bar must fall within the middle 99.7% of all the candy bar weights.

Assuming the weights are normally distributed and with the mean in the middle, plot a line segment that represents the range of weights that will pass inspection.

 Nov 13, 2018

Not sure of this....(edited after I thought about it for a while longer)


Using a Z-score table .15% from 100% = 99.85%

99.85% represents  2.96 S.D.  from the mean

  so +- 2.96 S.D.   represents the 'middle 99.7% of all candy bar weights'

2.96 S.D.   x  2 gm/S.D. = 5.92 gm

SO acceptable weights would be 58 +- 5.92 gm =      52.08--------63.92 gm acceptable weights

 Nov 13, 2018
edited by Guest  Nov 13, 2018
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