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Jonathan's piggy bank contains 20 nickels, 30 quarters, and 50 one-dollar coins. He picks 20 coins from the bank at random; 12 of these coins are one-dollar coins. The theoretical probability of picking a one-dollar coin from the piggy bank before the draw is   ?    %, but the experimental probability, based on the draw, is   ?   %.





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 Nov 10, 2018

\(P[\text{picking a dollar coin}]=\dfrac{50}{100}=\dfrac 1 2\\ \text{This is the theoretical probability of picking a dollar coin}\)


Given what we actually observed


\(\text{The experimental probability is }\\ P[\text{picking a dollar coin}] = \dfrac{12}{20} = \dfrac{3}{5}\)

 Nov 11, 2018

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