In the SmallState Lottery, three white balls are drawn (at random) from twenty balls numbered 1 through 20, and a blue SuperBall is drawn (at random) from ten balls numbered 21 through 30. When you buy a ticket, you select three numbers from 1-20 and one number from 21-30. To win the jackpot, the numbers on your ticket must match the three white balls and the SuperBall. (You don't need to match the white balls in order).

If you buy a ticket, what is your probability of winning the jackpot?

rohitaop  Jun 12, 2018

nCr =20C3 =20! / {[20 - 3]!. 3!} =1,140 to 1 of matching 3 white balls.

1,140 x 10 =11,400 to 1 of matching 3 white balls and 1 SuperBall.

Guest Jun 12, 2018

Mr. BB, the question asks for probability, not odds.


Your equation

nCr =20C3 =20! / {[20 - 3]!. 3!} =1,140 to 1

is SLOP! 


Why would you expect any student to understand this unconventional hodgepodge of SLOP?

In this case, nCr stands for “no Crap required.” None is required, because you’ve maxed it out!


Sir CPhill presents a coherent solution here.

GingerAle  Jun 13, 2018

You should be ashamed for your incorrect answer, GUEST!

Guest Jun 13, 2018

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