A card is chosen at random from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that it is a King or black (or both)?

rohitaop  Jun 12, 2018

The probability of selecting a king is 4/52 which is just 1/13 because there are 4 kings in a 52 card deck. 

The probability of selecting a black card is 1/2 because half of the cards are black. 

The probability of selecting a black king is 2/52 which is just 1/26 because there are 2 black kings in a 52 card deck.

zxElementzx  Jun 12, 2018

There are 26 black cards and two red Kings, making 28 cards in total.  The probability of choosing one of these from all 52 cards is 28/52 or 7/13 ≈ 0.538

Alan  Jun 13, 2018

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