Apr 29, 2020

For question 1040 (pupils):

It is fairly obvious that the "walk" portion of the pie chart is 1/4 of the entire thing, and the right angle confirms that.

As 1/4 of 36 (the total) is 9, there are 9 pupils walking to school.


The "Bus" portion is 120 degrees. We know that the total number of degrees in a circle is 360, and the total number of kids in the "Bus" portion will be 120/360 * 36 (the total), which is 12. So, 12 pupils take the bus.


Now for the "Bike" and "car". We know that the total number of degrees in a circle is 360. 90 + 120 = 210 degrees have already been taken by the "walk" and "bus" pupils, so the degrees of the "Bike" and "Car" portions should add up to 360 - 210 = 150 degrees.


The total pupils in the "Bike" and "Car" portions should add up to 15 pupils.

"Bike" and "Car" cannot have the same number of pupils - otherwise there would be 7.5 pupils in each! It looks like to me that the "Car" part is slightly larger than the "Bike" pupils, so 8 pupils in cars and 7 pupils in bikes seems like a safe bet. I'm assuming you need a protractor for these problems - It's pretty hard for me to give an answer backed by hard evidence, but I tried my best. If you use a protractor, you should get a reliable answer! :D


For question 1041 (villagers)


Let's assume the "Over 60" portion is half, because it seems to me the question would be impossible if we just had to guess. Again, protractor :o But then the "Over 60" portion would be half of 120, which is 60 villagers over 60 (ironic, because 60 is NOT over 60 :D ).


Okay, now I REALLY think this problem needs a protractor, because this is impossible without one. How do we know how many degrees "Under 25" is? Try it with one and see what you get :)

 Apr 29, 2020

I agree with CentsLord this question would make a lot more sense and you should you a protractor to properly solve the question. 



Guest Apr 29, 2020

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