I'm doing some work on trigonometriy but I can't do sin y on my calc, its just sin and when I do sin y = 8/12 on this websites calculator it doesn't show anything! So may I ask how an I supposed to do this?



 May 2, 2020

No prob, TacoBell


We just need to  realize  how to find angle  x


However.....we  don't need the sine here.......the sine is the opposite / hypotenuse


But we  actually have    opp / adj   =  tangent


So  we need


tan x   =  8/12    to  find  this angle we need to  take the arctangent   [ also called the inverse tangent]


I don't know how it might be noted on your calculator......most  use  tan-1


[ Make sure your calculator is in degree mode  !!!]


So  we have


tan -1  ( 8/12)  =  x


33.69°   =  x    =    33.7° [ to one decimal place ]


Remember that to find an angle, we need to use the inverse functions  ]


Let me know if you have any problems here



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 May 2, 2020
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In order to get the web2.0calc calculator to solve sin y = 8/12 you have to type sin(y) = 8/12 and then press enter (note the brackets around y). This is the outcome:


 May 2, 2020

Just looked at the question, and of course, it should be tan(y) = 8/12.  However, the same principle applies.

Alan  May 2, 2020
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