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A city clerk conducted a survey of 500 city residents. These residents were chosen at random from the city's register of residents with an address in the city. Residents of all ages were randomly selected. Residents were asked the question, "Should the town implement a nighttime curfew on weekdays?"

A report of the survey results stated that the residents in the city want to implement a nighttime curfew on weekdays.

Select all statements that correctly evaluate the report of the survey results.


(a) The sample is biased because it does not represent the population of the city.

(b) The question is biased toward a response of implementing a curfew.

(c) The sample is not biased.

(d) The question is biased toward a response of not implementing a curfew.

(e) The question is not biased.

 Jan 11, 2019

You've posted this 4 times now.


If someone knew the answer it would have been posted by now.


I think the answer is (e) but I'm not taking the course you are so I'm not entirely sure.

 Jan 11, 2019

Yea I know I did but I really needed the help and so I thought that if I reposted people would see it again. Sorry if I made you mad. I wasn"t trying too.

awsometrunt14  Jan 11, 2019

i think its a, some residents that dont have an address may want their say

 Jan 12, 2019

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