The formula M = log I/S determines the magnitude of an earthquake, where I is the intensity of the

earthquake and S is the intensity of a “standard earthquake.”

How many times stronger is an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 than an earthquake with a magnitude of 6?



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I felt like this is a lot easier then it looks but im having diffuclty. :/

Guest Nov 8, 2018

M = log (I/s)

10^m = I/s


10^m2 / 10^m1  =  I2/s  /  I1/s = I2/I1


I1  *  10^m2/ 10^m1  = I2          Let I1 and m1 refer to the magnitude 6

I1 * 10^8/10^6 = I2

I1 * 10^2 = I2

i1 * 100 = I2              this shows that I2  (magnitude 8) is 100 times the intensity I1 (magnitude 6)

ElectricPavlov  Nov 8, 2018

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