the line parallel to 2x+3y=24 that passes through the point (12,-4)

(show work and explain)

Mathisfornerds  Jan 30, 2018

Mathisfornerds, please, instead of making so many topics, put all of your questions in a numbered list for one topic.


Your question is similar to your other questions, just change the equation into slope-intercept form and do the samething and do the samething I did for your other question.

MIRB14  Jan 30, 2018

ANYWAYS... here's the answer if you don't want to do it


Simplify the original line: We get y=-(2/3)x+8


The line parallel to another line has the same slope.


Therefore, our line would be y=-(2/3)x+b, b being the y-intercept.


We also know that the line passes through point (12,-4). We can substitute the points into the line equation to solve b.


We get -4=-(2/3)*12+b => -4=-8+b => b=4


The line is y=-(2/3)x+4


Check it by using desmos.com

MIRB14  Jan 30, 2018

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