The table of values shows the height of a car of a Ferris wheel as it travels in a circular motion.

Which statements are true?

Select each correct answer.



The car makes a complete revolution in 5 s.

If the car is loaded at 0 s, then people are loaded at the lowest point of the Ferris wheel.

The maximum height of the Ferris wheel is 64 ft.

The radius of the Ferris wheel is 30 ft.

Time (seconds) Height (feet)
0 34
2.5 64
5 34
7.5 4
10 34
12.5 64
15 34
17.5 4
20 34


I appreciate all your help! Thanks.

Guest Feb 18, 2018

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The wheel makes one revolution in 10 sec.....it is at 4 ft  at 7.5 sec  and again at 4 ft, 10 seconds later

So...the first statement is false


At  0 sec.....the loading height is 34 ft....but the lowest height is at 4 ft

So....the second statement isn't true, either


The third statement is true


The last statement is also true....the  max height is 64 and the minimum is 4 ft

So....the radius is  ( 64 - 4) / 2   =  60/2  =  30 ft



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CPhill  Feb 18, 2018
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