Since we are all in quarrentine, and sometimes it could get a little boring, I decided to present some "tricky" math problems that would help you do good with your time. I was scrolling on the web, and I found these seemingly easy questions, but after some thought, I got stumped. Therefore, I decided to make my own versions of them. So, here they are:


1. \(10÷2(1+4)\)

(see what I mean?)


2. (This one, I saw on Quora, and decided to bring it here)

\(a=b \)

Instead of geuss and checking, try solving it algebraicly. (you'll get confused somewhere in the process)


Process for trick question 2 (If you get stuck):

\(a = b\)







This is great proof for why dividing by 0 is undefined! (since the range covers all numbers smiley)

 Jul 29, 2020
edited by ilorty  Jul 29, 2020

Here is a challenge for you to occupy your time!


Can you find the first 20 digits of (10^100)!, or Googol factorial? Good luck.

 Jul 29, 2020

Wow! After some research, apparently googol factorial is larger than the amount of particals in the universe! But, if I were to geuss, it should be undefinded? I'm probably wrong, as numbers are infinite.

ilorty  Jul 29, 2020

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