The is called the Lantern Post because it lights the way to the "What is happening" thread    

The "What is Happening" thread can be accessed directly. It is at the following address:




Chris, Alan or I have cursorily checked many recent posts but the forum has become much too large to do this properly so I am concentrating mainly on answering member questions on and checking member answers and giving members the points and ticks that they rightly deserve.   There is not always even time to do this. :(


Up to:  Questions     page 2518 - with 25 per page

and      Answers       page 4040


There are some that do not have answers - Usually it is just too busy to get through all of them.


Instructions on reposting:



 (Remember: All answerers intend to give correct answers but no answer comes with guarantees!)



I encourage everyone to read  "What is Happening"  

It is how I communicate with the forum and sometimes it contains important information.

This recurring thread has been renamed.  In the past it was called "End of Day Wrap"  or just "The Wrap"

All the old wraps can be accessed.  They are in a Sticky Thread which are located in the bottom right hand corner of the forum.



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Previous Wrap Lantern:


Future Lantern:


 Dec 13, 2015
edited by Melody  Dec 14, 2015

Does that mean you're wrapping up your Sunday and moving on to Monday?

 Dec 13, 2015

Does that mean you're wrapping up your Sunday and moving on to Monday?


Yes, more or less :)    It certainly means I am wrapping up the past and moving into the future :)

I want people to at least glance at it because it is also how I communicate with the forum if anything out of the ordinary has happened. 



I try to go through the days post and make sure that the member posts are just abut all answered and no super interesting post have been mised out. 

I also collect the answerers names and give out stars.

It does not get done as well as I would like, the forum is to busy, but I do the best I can and then I write a wrap.  

I usually write the wrap in my evening.   :)

 Dec 13, 2015
edited by Melody  Dec 13, 2015

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