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An old book listed that 72 turkeys were bought for $ _ . _ _  each, at a total cost of $ _ 67.9 _
What was the cost of each turkey, if each _ stands for a digit that was unreadable in the old book?

Note: The _ digits are not all the same.

The '_' (underscore) are empty boxes

 Feb 3, 2019

Using a little trial and error (and some logic)


Note that 72 is divisible by 3....so....the sum of the digits of the total price must also be divisible by 3

Also...since we have 72 turkeys.....the final digit in the price must be an even number 


If we assume that the last digit of the price is 0

We have these possibilities for the price

$267. 90


$867.90   however....none of these are evenly divisible by 72


If we assume that the final digit in the price is a 2....we have the following :



Dividing this by 72 gives us the price per turkey = $5.11



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 Feb 3, 2019
edited by CPhill  Feb 3, 2019

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