Find the first four terms of the recursive sequence defined below.


 Jun 2, 2018



We want to find the first four terms of the recursive sequnce defined above. 


The first term is already given, since it says a= -3, so we know the first term is negative three. 


The second terms is defined by the second rule. It states that the next term is 6 less then the term before. 


So if the first term is -3, the second is -3-6 = -9


We continue this rule:


-3, -9, -15, -21


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 Jun 2, 2018

This is a recursive formula. The first term, \(a_1\), is already given; it is -3. The recursive formula is saying that the following term is equal to the previous term minus 6. 


The first term is easy to find.

\(a_1=-3\)This is the first term. It is given to us!


Let's find the second term! In order to find the second term, set n equal to 2 in the formula!


\(n=2;\\ a_2=a_{2-1}-6\)a2-1 simplifies to a1 .
\(a_2=a_1-6\)Of course, we already know what the value of ais. a1=-3.


See if you can generate the next two terms in the sequence. Well, it looks like Gavin already answered the question I planned to pose to you.

 Jun 2, 2018
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Thanks, Gavin and TheXSquaredFactor! This really helped, oh and call me Rick.

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Ok, I will try to remember to name you Rick in the future.

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