At Silver Gym, membership is $35 a month and personal training sesdsions are $25 each. At Fit Factor membership is $75 a month, and personal training sessions are $15 each. In one month how many personal training sessions would Sarah have to buy to make the total cost at the two gyms equal?

owlface13  Feb 14, 2017

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Total cost of Silver Gym  = 35 + 25N     where N is the number of sessions

Total cost of Fit Factor  = 75 + 15N    


To find out when the costs are equal....set the equations equal


35 + 25N  = 75 + 15N     subtract 15N from both sides


35 + 10N  = 75        subtract 35 from both sides 


10N  = 40         divide both sides by 10


N  = 4   sessions



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CPhill  Feb 14, 2017

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