English has 6 letters that can be vowels. This includes Y, which can be either a consonant or a vowel; for this problem, we'll consider Y a vowel.

The other 20 English letters are always consonants.

How many two-letter "words" can we make from these letters if we are required to use at least one vowel? (We aren't limited to words that have an actual meaning in English. Thus, for this problem, we'll include nonsense "words" like QO, XY, and UZ.)

SmartMathMan  Jan 11, 2018

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just do 6*26. 6 vowels times 26 letters of the alphabet gives you 156 combos if you allow things like ao and oa to be different answers and not the same thing

OfficialBubbleTanks  Jan 12, 2018

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