Who stole the fish?

The world's rarest fish has been stolen from the Baltimore aqaurium. The police's search led them to a street with 5 identical looking houses. You, as the city's best detective, are assigned to figuring out which house contains the thief. However, you will only be able to search a single house before the crook realizes that the police are on him, and he will run away. The police tell you five pieces of information about the street.

1. Everyone is from a different nationality

2. Everyone drives a different brand of car

3. Everyone drinks a different type of beverage

4. the hosues interior colors are unique

5. Everyone owns an animal and one of them is the stolen

The police then tell you everything they know that can help you with the case

  • The brit lives in the red house
  • the swede has a dog
  • the dane drinks tea
  • the green house is on the left of the white hosue
  • the green hosue's wner drinks cofee
  • the person who drives a hyundai has a bird
  • the owner of the yellow house drives a honda
  • the an living in the center house drinks milk
  • the norwegian lives in the first house
  • the man who drives a subaru lives next to the one who has a cat
  • the man who has a horse lives next to the man who drives a honda
  • the owner who drives a toyota drinks soda
  • the german drives a BMW
  • the norwegian lives next to the vlue hosue
  • the man who drives a subaru has a neighbor who drinks water

a) who stole the fish?

b) list each person what type of car they drive, what beverage they drink, what color their hosue is, and what pet they have, Also, tell the color of the houses from left to right

Please explain this to me


 Nov 18, 2019

Come on Jenny.

This is a challenge question that your teacher has given the class.

Maybe there is some prize, or at least prestige, for getting it nutted out.

Do you really think it is right for you to get other people to do it and present it as your own?

 Nov 18, 2019

Here is a good hint, and I do not think you should be given more.


It is this type of puzzle:

This is not yours, I just found a similar puzzle pic on line. But  I would tackle the problem with a grid like this one.

I have not done it, I am just assuming that this would be the right approach.

You put a cross in all the ones that do not work and a tick in the ones that do work until you have averything filled in.

You start by putting a tick in the red house box, which means that you can cross all the other colour houses. etc.


Your teacher probably already told you this much anyway.


Good luck.


 Nov 18, 2019

I think you have to assume that one of the pets is the stolen fish.

 Nov 18, 2019
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I see you have so far never responded to any of your answerers. This is definitely not a good look!

 Nov 18, 2019

sorry, I was doing it and I am almost there.

xxJenny1213xx  Nov 18, 2019

Is it the german who stole the fish?

xxJenny1213xx  Nov 19, 2019

Well then it would have been nice if you had responded with.

"Thanks, I will give that a go."

Melody  Nov 20, 2019

Response to you   asking if the German stole the fish.


This is the same as asking for the multiple choice answer. Please do not do that.

If you have understood and answered with care then you can trust your own answer.

Melody  Nov 20, 2019
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I do not speak the same exact words as you and I speak what I want at the appropriate time.

xxJenny1213xx  Nov 20, 2019


I have helped you with your question in more than a totally trivial way and you have implied that you used my help  to get an answer for yourself. (maybe that is not what you meant to imply)


You have not thanked me or asked me for any clarification, you have  only lodged a formal complaint because I have not given you the exact answer to your question.

You have been registered for all of three days and already you think you have the right to DEMAND to be treated like royalty.


None of us here are your private subjects who are obliged to do you homework for you!  If you get free help then be grateful!

Melody  Nov 20, 2019
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