Apr 3, 2020

(i) To get our desired answer, I first divide 225/30 to get 7.5. If we multiply each term by 7.5 we should get that the sum om the number of the people is 225. SInce we want to know how many people want to go to the theme park, we multiply 10 by 7.5 to get that

75 students are probably going to go to the theme park

(the reason why it is probably is that most of the time you can't get exact examples from a small group versus a large group)

Here is a table for the people who want to go out of 225 (estimated).
Place Number of Students
Theme Park 75
Theatre 60
Sports Center 52.5
Seaside 37.5

(ii) Asking a more random group will spread the variety, which would be better. Also, if you get more people in the survey, its going to be better because then the variety of each group will increase. Asking people in the cafeteria is also better than Asking Year 7 because the younger students will want to go to different places than older students. So thats why I think that B is the correct answer for that.

 Apr 3, 2020

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