A committee has thirteen members. There are three members that currently serve as the​ board's chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer. Each member is equally likely to serve in any of the positions. Three members are randomly selected and assigned to be the new chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer. What is the probability of randomly selecting the three members who currently hold the positions of chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer and reassigning them to their current​ positions?

Guest Feb 28, 2017

So you already have 3 people out of the 13 who hold the the positions of the committee... which leaves 10 people who have not been into the position. My guess is that you'd need to find the combinations of those who could be elected for each position. l'm lost... any there who can aid me?

HighSchoolCalculus  Feb 28, 2017

The total permuted sets possible by choosing any 3 people from 13  = 1716


And only one of these sets will have the previous members in their [correct] former  positions....so....the probabiliy  =  1 / 1716 



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 28, 2017

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