See Ginger Ale's explanation:https://web2.0calc.com/questions/does-anyone-know-what-happened-to-rom#r5


Melody, GA, SVS, and I plus a few others might already know about this


I am pretty sad that Rom left. He solved all the hard problems that I could never dream of solving, and it was sad for him to leave. He might come back, and his return will be quite the celebration, depending on if this site is still popular.


I have seen the gradual deterioration of this site through looking at old posts. But honestly, its actually not deteriorating, its just an influx of AOPS users that have flooded the site for homework help *cough cough*. Maybe some of them are legit though.


I mean, this post is just so people can know what happened to Rom, as I know that his disapperance have worried some of you. It's okay, he probably is just gone for a long break, I hope. Rom just wants to recover from some stress I suppose.

 Nov 3, 2019

I feel Post views are decreasing, hopefully, it doesn't end the site, and make it unactive.

 Nov 4, 2019

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