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What is 9 divided by 11? Every time I ask my maths teacher he yells at me and every time I ask my classmates they laugh. Why are they laughing?

 Feb 28, 2019

Honestly, I don't understand why you teacher would yell at you and classmates laugh at you. Idk maybe becuase you can solve it with a calculator, idk.

But the answer: 0.818181......

I don't have the personality of shallow people so I don't get why people act like that. A teacher is there for you whenever you have questions, so I dont like when teachers act that ridiculously. Now most students are mean and have the metal capacity of a peanut, so its understandable why they act so shallow. So my advice is don't pay attention to them. 


Anyway, the answer is 0.818181....


Hope this helps ;P

 Feb 28, 2019

Nice job.  ; )




Do you know how to divide when the number becomes a decimal? 


It is almost like requalar divison which it is all you do is when we run out of numbers we continue adding zero's to the divided till we reach that whole number unless it's a repreating decimal we normaly round to the nearest tenth.  


so frankly the answer to this problem is aproximatly ≈ 0.82.

 Feb 28, 2019
edited by HiylinLink  Feb 28, 2019


That is the answer maybe is because they are just rude and they think you are smarter then them, Seriously I mean this.....

 Feb 28, 2019

Well on here any question is respected guest or not so when you are curious about a question talk on the Forum we are ready for it!!


 Feb 28, 2019

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