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I dont even know what to say ginger. I was not trying to be arrogant, nor i was trying to attack her or any other moderator. I thought the way she presented her answer was a bit complicated and hard to find. That's it. I already mentioned that there are easier ways to answer this, and i thought that maybe presenting JUST the table with all the combinations is complicated for that. Im sure melody can take a little bit of criticism.


You also corrected me about "this is the best way i know"-

1. I was talking about the general case where every die has a different number of sides.

2. This is the best way i know (knew).

3. When i said "simple" i meant a single binomial coefficient that wi solve the question like the simple binomial coefficient that is the solution when there's no upper bound.


(But be my guest, find a general, simple formula for the general case, it's worth trying isnt it ;))




It seems as if you're mostly trying to defend melody, whenever someone says something about her that you dont like. I didnt say melody is a bad moderator, nor that she's stupid for not using the way i did. I pointed out the fact that there is a simpler solution that i THOUGHT she should've presented. 


But when im complimenting jz1234 for coming up with an idea that was closer than everyone else in the thread? (Again, this might seem like im attacking melody. You can calm down, ginger! Take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, because im not attacking her, im mentioning a fact)- no, dont even THINK about complimenting him, because he didng give the EXACT formula for the solution.


Now, you may not believe me, but i knew you'll criticize me for my post. I knew you'll call me a blarney banker, i knew you'll defend melody. This leaves two options:

1.Im the oracle!

2. You're just getting predictable.






tl;dr: grow up

Aug 29, 2017