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wow what an interesting imagination Judith Guest has

really deep and dark plot

i am kind of actually interested in reading a copy of that, but in the middle school I go to, it is more historical fiction themed than loss themed

Aug 6, 2015

alright, this time I have to agree with my now Alt Ego

my new alt ego and a bunch of other math masters gave some great responses to an earlier situation, where someone failed their end of the year important math exam

this is what some people said:

Come on Denzel it is not the end of the world :)


If you want to improve your maths why don't you post more questions. 

They can be general questions if you like.  We can send you off to look at video clips or we can help you directly.  :)


Anyway, like I said, it is not the end of the world.  So cheer up :)


Hallo Denzel,

i have seen that picture here in the forum.

If you have trouble with your maths teacher, please write to me ! (Message Center)

Gruß radix !  -Radix


Eh, its alright. If you dont fail, youre not human.


however, not many realize that


well, you failed. What can you do?


-ask your allies (friends, parents, the members here, maybe your teacher if you feel cool talking with him)


-upgrade your troops (hit the books or youtube math videos to function your brain with the minature stuff)


-upgrade your spells (hit the books or youtube math videos to function your brain with the main turning point stuff)


And when you feel youre ready for next years math:


you fight with all the might (try your best) and get that math test mothership base (defeat the math test)         -TitaniumRome aka 2nd Ego

aww dont worry denzel. its not like you failed the test to enter Paradise.

ok, you failed this year. it doesnt mean youll fail the next. you can still do this with skill, and a lucky feather as well. :) -HeatherF


Aug 5, 2015