Hi I am doing a survey on the best apps in the app store/google play. Please reply your favorite game or at least then type or maker of the game/app.

Guest Aug 4, 2015

SuperCell-Creators of games Clash Of Clans and Boom Beach

RoyalTitanium  Aug 4, 2015

alt ego, i told you only i can be the one to participate in surveys

when an alt. ego takes the place of the main ego, the main ego goes to the CIA


youre turning me into the CIA?

i am the greatest villain everyone has ever seen, yet i lose to my alt ego?

you know what youve caused, Alt Egos? youve caused your main egos reputations to fall!

*Royality Towers fall and burn, one by one, starting in Australia, then to Japan, China, Korea........and the last one falls at Rome, Italy

*as Royality falls, other empires fall, the main egos start to fall, including Heathers main ego, soviet vikings, and after that, all empires have fallen, and now the evil principal has all the power and control

now we have to work for the principal!!! this is total defeat for everyone!

you Alt Egos are to blame for this!!!

TitaniumRome  Aug 4, 2015

haha, you main egos have done lots of mess and damage to the world, and now we alt egos have been sent by our spiritual leaders to clean up after you

now the Age Of Great Empires has ended, the Sole Ruling Age has begun, and youre right, we regret having no voice and only one leader

i as the alt ego, am crowned the Main Ego now!

RoyalTitanium  Aug 4, 2015

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