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About the only thing I like about the "improved" site is the fact that it keeps me logged on (the "old" site seemingly didn't). The rest of the "new" site is garbage. I'm not sure that  many of the "top responders" are even looking at some of the mistakes that might be nade in the answers given by others. For instance, last night, I made a stupid error on a trig problem that I didn't catch until this morning. Yeah, I went back and "fixed" it, but some smart cookies (like Alan, for instance) would have seen my error immediately and corrected it!! (I don't mind that....we all make some mistakes every now and then!! Where have you gone, Alan??) P.S. .... I also caught an error made by another responder - no, I didn't bother to correct it - but I'm not sure anyone even looked at the answer anyway!! Besides, I had already provided an answer....can't tell if anyone looked at that , either.

I've given up trying to use the "math input" or "math(input=result)" thingys. Maybe somebody else has better success with them than I do, but the "old" "math input" thing worked WAY BETTER and was WAY EASIER to use!!. Also (and I noticed that a person asking a question had the same problem, too), the "superscript" function tends to stay engaged even when you don't want it to...i.e., you can't turn it "off" unless you skip down a few lines and resume typing!!

Im sum.....Andrew's intent to have a "better" site in which to "attract" new members and responders appears to be having the opposite effect.....i.e., the site has discouraged those with questions and those with answers because it's just too frustrating to use!!! Where I come from (the South in the US) we have an old expression...."If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!!"

The "English" may be incorrect, but I believe that old adage applies in this case..........!!!!

Apr 14, 2014