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IIRC, I found this forum by searching Google for "calculator". Then I noticed there was a place to ask questions, and coincidentally I also needed help on a question. I had previously tried to find help on this question through some tutoring websites, but most of those sites wanted money first, and the one site that didn't require money upfront gave me a wrong answer. So I figured I might as well try posting my question on here, and since I didn't even have to make an account or anything to post it, I figured there was no reason not to. (If I had been forced to create an account before posting, I probably wouldn't have ever posted that question, and I probably wouldn't be here now). I wasn't really expecting an answer the first time I posted a question here, since previous efforts at getting help on my question hadn't been fruitful.....so I was super surprised and happy when I received a genuine and helpful answer.


After that, I noticed a few questions that I knew how to do, and figured maybe I should try to help a few other people out, since someone helped me out first. After I answered a few questions, I thought it was kind of fun, so I stuck with it :)


Before I made an account, I think I posted one more question as a guest, and after receiving help on that question, I decided to create an account. I'm not totally sure if this is the first or the second question I posted on this forum, but I think this is the second one: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/please-help-me-find-my-error

Oct 4, 2020