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Like most of my ancestors, I used to believe in the Banana Goddess, but I’m a Pastafarian now (I like Spaghetti, too) , so I should be OK.


Wiki gives a quick overview.

Here’s the official site


My nephew,


went to a large American city once, and was amazed by the tremendous numbers of people always going to Catholic services. I asked him why he thought so. He said there are hundreds of busses there all with “Mass Transit” painted on the side.


I love little kids. They make life very entertaining. :)


Lancelot_Link  A.P.E.

May 3, 2015



When the Chimps are away the human primates will play! I haven’t seen this much poo thrown since the spring fever festival of 08 and that was nothing compared to the frat parties.

There is a missing link here. We need another moderator. I nominate myself, Lancelot Link, for moderator.

 Here are my credentials:

President and CEO of A.P.E. (Agency to Prevent Evil)

Next to being experts on bananas, my team and I are experts on poo. Both at throwing it and cleaning it up. 

I am also interested in prime roots, square roots and trees in general, a type of mathematical horticulture. Though I have lead a horticulture, I couldn’t make her think. 


Chimp Ayumu is skilled in high-level maths, she can check the math work, because compared to her my math skills suck. I know how to count bananas, so I’ll charge a fair price for bribes.


Other good points: I come from a good family, a long line of highly-intelligent chimps. I know, I know, breeding isn't everything, but it is a lot of fun.


I like bananas and peanuts, dogs, cats, and most human primates. Vote LancelotLink for moderator. If I win, there will be a banana daiquiri victory party for all. My banana daiquiris are great: no peel, no spit, and for the younger crowed, no alcohol.



One more thing, I can swing from limb to limb, and, while I have never done it to anyone, I can tear you limb from limb. CoalDefeatsTitanium you are more disgusting than any of the s**t thrown on the form. One day I will find you and teach you some monkey manners.


Vote Lancelot Link, for moderator.


Lancelot_Link A.P.E.

May 3, 2015