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May 17, 2019



I specifically said in my answer that I ended up not having to use a table to solve the equation. I also stated that your answer didn't help me to understand in finding the answer, I understand and agree with not giving users the answer but I was very confused on how to solve f(x)=g(x) and would have made a lot more sense if you had shown how to solve the X or variable in for the first column. I only understood what you were trying to do until I got help understanding everything by my sister and father. And I don't find downvoting your answer as rude because I didn't find your answer super helpful, and for the fact that you said "Please no one answer over me" when this is a website where anyone is free to answer and if someone doesn't understand the answer given then another can give a better response. I'm sorry for not editing my question right away, but by that time I had already gotten help so I didn't ask for more clarification. I primarily downvoted because other users and myself shouldn't need to ask for a lot of clarification especially when the question locks and sometimes a user can't, and I answered myself for other users who would have a similar question. I hope you can see where I'm coming from and I don't mean to offend you but isn't this what the positive and negative like buttons are for? I really do love this site because it's very reliable and quick, I appreciate all the top users, including yourself, that answer and help me to really understand and learn math. I hope you have a great day and I really do appreciate all that you do. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and I sincerely hope you can see this situation from my point of view. 



Mar 26, 2019